Story by Rod Serling
Teleplay by Rockne S. O'Bannen
Directed by Bruce Malmoth
Original Airdate - October 18, 1986
Terry Farrell - Marsha Cole
Anne Wedgeworth - Clerk
Ned Bellamy - Man
Chip Heller - Workman
Lori Michaels - Mother
Edan Gross - Boy
Evan Malmuth - Teenage Security
Alan David - Security
Albie Selznick - Mannequin #1
Deborah Rykoff-Bennett - Mannequin #2
Caprice Rothe - Bin Mannequin #1
Michael Dobo - Store Owner



Marsha is at the mall, looking for a present for her landlord's daughter, when she's suddenly harassed by all sorts of odd-looking, and odd-acting, people. She gets scared and runs through the mall looking for a way out, but can't find one. As she reaches the fire exit and escape, strange things start happening to her.



"The After Hours" is based on the classic Twilight Zone series episode of the same name, written by Rod Serling and adapted for the NTZ by Rockne O'Bannon. The original starred Anne Francis as Marsha and Elizabeth Allen as the salesperson who says speaks in a very enigmatic way to her. This is one of the strangest episodes of the series, not the least of which because they have a Cabbage Patch-like doll wrapped in a corn husk. The segment has an aura of unreality to it, which does help the episode become more dream-like. I'm neutral on this segment…I don't really care for it but I don't dislike it. I much prefer the original, but even then that was never a favorite of mine.

Terry Farrell plays Marsha, and she's upbeat and bright in the role which gives us a clear idea of just when she starts to become frightened. The people playing the mannequins are suitably wooden in their parts. Anne Wedgeworth is the salesclerk who shows Marsha the corn husk doll, but it's tough for Wedgeworth to be mean. Setting this in a mall may have been the reason it just doesn't seem real. The original was fairly self-contained and claustrophobic since it was in a single small building, but the mall here is just too open. There seems to be thousands of places Marsha could hide in a mall, yet she doesn't even try to.