Story by Cal Willingham
Directed by Gil Bettman
Original Airdate - May 21, 1987
Rob Knepper - Alonzo
Brook McCarter - Greg
Heidi Kozak - Adrienne
Tamara Mark - Deena
Burr Middleton - Policeman
Danny Spear - Policeman
Randy Hall - Fireman



A group of teenagers steal a car that takes them on a ride.



When "Joyride" first aired, the series had been off the air for several months, in the hiatus limbo that the network execs had forced it into.  As the first of the three segments for this hour, "Joyride" was definitely the most overacted of the three.  This is a segment that could have used ten more minutes of character building, to give us an idea of the people in it.  As it is they are all stereotypes and we're given no idea of how they acted before they entered the car.  Once they're in the car everything is rushed; the action happens so quickly we are left wondering just what did happen.  Written by Cal Willingham, who has only one other credit on the IMDB, for the new Twilight Zone third season episode "Love is Blind," the story is just far too cliched to be of any interest.