Original Story by Richard Krzenmien and Chip Duncan
Directed by John Hancock
Original Airdate - October 11, 1985
Jeffrey DeMunn - Bob Spindler
Michael Greene- Irving
Philip Bruns- Kentucky Rye Owner
Arliss Howard- Stranger
Clarence Felder- Randy
Scott Jaeck- Pete
John DeMita- George
Brad Burlingame- Larry
Rosemarie Thomas- Nancy
Gloria Rusch- Laura
Lisa Long- Debbie
John Davey- Officer #1
Tim Russ- Officer #2



A loud, obnoxious salesman named Bob is celebrating his first big sale, drinks way too much, and then attempts to drive home that night. He is almost run off the road by another driver, right next to a bar called the "Kentucky Rye." He decides to go in and calm his nerves, and finds everyone there is his friend. There is a woman who just stares at him, but he thinks she's attracted to him. The bar owner tells him that the bar is for sale, when Bob says that it's a great place and must rake in the money. When the bar owner says the price is $1,500, Bob is sure the guy is kidding but is assured he's deadly serious. Bob remembers that he has most of his commission left, but still lacks $100. A stranger steps forward and says he'll loan it to him. Bob takes the money, and the bar is his. The bar owner starts to laugh in a demoniacal way, and everyone disappears except for the stranger, and the bar is now dark, silent and cobweb-shrouded.

Bob shakes his head to clear it, and remembers that the stranger was the man who almost ran him off the road. He says this to the stranger, but the stranger stops him, and tells Bob HE is the one who ran the stranger off the road, killing him, because Bob was driving drunk. The stranger points out the window, where police cars and ambulances are loading up the dead from the accident. The woman who had been staring at him in the bar is out there; the stranger says that it's his wife, who is now a widow. Then the stranger vanishes. Bob watches as they lift the stranger's lifeless form into the ambulance, and is stunned when he sees his own dead body being loaded up. He hears the devil's laughter again, realizes he's also dead, and now trapped in his own silent hell within the "Kentucky Rye."

Bob Spindler, new owner and sole customer of the "Kentucky Rye." A hell of a tavern, where last call goes on forever...in the Twilight Zone."