Story by Phyllis Eisenstein
Teleplay by George R. R. Martin
Directed by Gus Trikonis
Original Airdate - October 18, 1986
Akosua Busia - Jennifer Templeton
Cindy Harrell - Kathy
Leslie Ackerman - Time-Traveller
Raye Birk - Time-Traveller



Two college students are alarmed when items on the desk of one of them disappear, but the reason for this disappearance is even more surprising.



"Lost and Found" is a short segment…only about seven minutes of screentime. It's rather tiresome, though, and could have had a few minutes shaved off even that. The original story is by Phyllis Eisenstein, written in 1978, and adapted for the new Twilight Zone by George R. R. Martin. Eisenstein has been a writer and teacher since the early 1970's, has written numerous short stories and novels that have been both nominated for, and won, awards, and she worked with Roger Zelazny in 1977. I've not read the short story, so I'm going to hope the problem in this episode rests with the way it was done on the NTZ.

Akosua Busia plays Jennifer, the student whose mug disappears, and Cindy Harrell is her dorm mate Kathy. Busia has been fairly prolific over the years in both films and TV, and Harrell was a former model. Her main claim to fame is her role in the "Ghostbusters" music video, with Ray Parker Jr. She hasn't been in much else.

The problem I have with this is that the time travellers are far too prominent, and they seem way too crazy. I also think the story has a lot of similarities with C. L. Moore's classic short story, "Vintage Season," though Eisenstein's story is upbeat where Moore's is tragic. It's just not well done, and something this short should be. The first season's "Examination Day" was short but extremely well done, so I know the series could do it, but as the second season went on it became much different than the first, probably because of CBS's meddling.