Story by George R. R. Martin
Directed by Wes Craven
Original Airdate - December 18, 1986
Cliff De Young - Jeff McDowell
Margaret Klenck - Denise McDowell
Jacklyn-Rose Lester - Megan McDowell
Clare Nono - Susan
John Zarchen - Jock
Christopher Brown Grunt



A family man who also dodged the draft, thought he had put the Vietnam war out of his mind years ago. However, he now finds that he is getting flashbacks of war experiences that he never had.



"The Road Less Travelled" is one of the lesser episodes of the second season, though I can't quite put my finger on why it is. I don't find it interesting, and it could be that Cliff DeYoung is the problem. He's just not a strong enough actor for this type of role, and his performance doesn't carry the show. As basically a one-man play, the actor in the lead needs to be a strong presence, and DeYoung is a pleasant, nice-looking guy but is not a commanding personality. He's better when acting as the disabled vet, but he's just too blah as the husband.

Once again, the special effects are great. Seeing his daughter's bedroom as a hut in Vietnam was a brilliant idea, and the lighting is also evocative.