Story by Anthony Lawrence and Nancy Lawrence
Directed by Noel Black
Original Airdate - July 17, 1987
Paul Benedict - Hoakie
Roberts Blossom - Mordecai Hawkline
Peter Kowanko - Tanner Smith
Jennifer Rubin - Amy Hawkline
Vincent Rebholz - Buchanan



The age-old story of a good girl forbidden to love a bad boy.  The way they solve this problem is a bit more ingenious than usual.



"Song of the Younger World" is a tough story to understand.  It's another segment that should have been a full hour, so that the idea could have been explored fully.  I don't care for it, but others have said it's one of their favorites, so it could be me that is missing the point. 

Roberts Blossom gets to be tyrannical and sadistic as the head of the school, which he does very well.  Jennifer Rubin and Peter Kowanko as the young lovers are suitably sad and suffering, but I just don't buy their devotion.  It seems too rushed, which is why I think they should have given it a longer running time.  Paul Benedict is mostly wasted as the devoted servant. 

One of the scenes in this segment, where they're looking through the old book for help, reminds me very much of a scene from a favorite film of mine, "The Amazing Mr. Blunden."  The two children in that film look through an old book for a solution to their problem as well, in just the same manner, though that film is far better at presenting the solutions and what happened.  "Song of a Younger World" just isn't interesting to me, and I put that down to the rushed feeling and the issues with the script because I usually enjoy stories about young lovers who try to break away from their bonds.